Everything from A - Z

Coordinate every element from start to finish with exceptional organisation and with your best interest at heart. If you have loads of ideas or not even a single one, don’t have time to even begin or just want to kick back & enjoy being engaged – then this is for you. Have your wedding day planned by an experienced professional with the ease of having one point of contact through the entire process. 


Images: Lana Pratt Photography (far top) & Lana Rae Photography (above)

Images: Lana Pratt Photography (far top) & Lana Rae Photography (above)


Amazing, amazing.

“Amy, thank you so much for everything! We couldn’t have asked for anything more - it was all so us. We would never had gotten past deciding on a date if it weren’t for you!”

— K + M

BEST Wedding Planner!

“It was so hard to hand over the reins to someone else because I am such a control freak but with Amy I never felt like I wasn’t involved in any of the big decisions. I felt so comfortable from start to finish and was thrilled with everything she did”

— J + T