Images: Lana Pratt Photography (far top) & Lana Rae Photography (above)

Images: Lana Pratt Photography (far top) & Lana Rae Photography (above)

We did it! (now to get married)

This package is for the uber organised couple who have done all the hard yards (yee-ha!) and need someone to manage the big day. After all that planning, those late nights and billion micro decisions - you wouldn’t want to leave the day to run itself right?

I learn the specifics of your plans, create a detailed timeline & distribute to all suppliers to ensure everyone knows where to be & when. Attend ceremony rehearsal, discuss layout and logistics for the day. Oversee all suppliers set up arrangements and of course on the day management. 



Exactly what we needed

“We loved the idea of having the wedding at home in our backyard which was great but we didn't want our family to be running around trying to take care of everything. We were so happy to find Amy, she was like a dream come true on the day - nobody worried about a thing, especially me!”

— C + D


“Amy, thank you so much for everything you did for us. Everyone commented on how amazing you were and how we couldn’t have done it without you"“

— M + S